We love to WOW families to be inspired to be physically and mentally active.

We love designing sustainable and playful activities.

"Hiking with Drums" started in 2006 (Australian Finalist Active Factor Community Awards).

DrumzBuzz started in 2010 (promoted on Ch7's Sydney Weekender).

Imaginary Horizontal Mountaineering started in 2012.

Escape the Museum started in 2014 (NSW Museum and Galleries IMAGine award nomination).

Breakout started in 2016 (Almost banned at Power House Museum's Mini-MakerFaire for being too popular).

Where is Thomas model train network construction workshops started in 2018.

Dragons & Drums started in 2019 with 2 dragons catering for 3 to 100 participants (launched at Ashfield Moon Festival and Rhodes Moon Festival). Many thanks to Westconnex Community Grants for help to fund one of the dragons.

Spy School AU starts in 2020.

poon hill.PNG